Since taking over the Licensed Boarding Kennel in 2008, Luan Egan, Owner and Director of Barks and Recreation, has been consulting extensively with the canine clientele to ensure that when changes were made, Roverdale was barking up the right tree.

Oscar, a Bull Terrier, and Toby, a Labrador, felt having a secure yard big enough to play “chase me” with their new doggie friends was important. Sally and Shawn, two Hounds, preferred to stay together when away from home, so the double-sized accommodations worked well.

Jake and Zoe, a pair of Shih Tzus, prefer to have a more familiar atmosphere. They like that the kennel adjoins the house and shares the central heating system. They also like to have someone nearby to plump up their pillows. 

Finn, a six month old Wheaten Terrier not yet neutered, was not quite ready to hang out with the adults and enjoyed having separate play space. 

Farrah, a Belgian Malinois, and Lady, a Lab mix, hate it when the pesky Border Collie stares at them all the time.  They like the new five foot high solid kennel walls made of white 2” thick food-grade plastic planks. Paired with the new commercial epoxy flooring, they are also very hygienic and easy to clean.

Not all the comments were positive, however.  Rona, a Central Asian Shepherd and Sparky, a Jack Russell Terrier, complained that the new secure 6’ high fencing & gates “cramped their style”!

Rates are as low as $35 and $45 per night for one dog (Single under 60 lbs or Double for 60+lbs or anxious/reactive dogs) and $50 and $60 for two (single or double suite).  Stays of 30 days or more get a 10% discount of regular rates. Debit is welcomed. Pet Parents are required to ensure that a copy of current vaccination certificate is provided for our files (including Bordatella) and enough of their pet’s regular food accompanies them to see them through their stay.  Priority is given to dogs that are altered – intact animals can create behavioral problems and stress and may be declined - no girls in season allowed.  

The news is spreading fast as dogs check their pee-mail. 
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