Rates effective September 1, 2015 (per overnight)

Single suite - one dog, first 10 days                                     $25
Single suite - one dog, after 10 days                                    $22
Single suite - two small dogs                                                $35
Double suite - one dog                                                          $37
Double suite - one dog after 10 days                                    $35
Double suite - two dogs                                                        $45
Double suite - 3 dogs from same household                        $50

Over 10% discount on original rates for longer kennel stays 
For stays over 30 days, payment due at start of each month.

Day Care 8am - 6pm                                                            $25
Home Boarding per dog                                                       $40
(available on a limited basis after compatibility assessment, 
i.e. pups and seniors, no large dogs.  No monthly discount.

Pet Taxi Service  Limited midday availability, please inquire                

Food and bedding is provided by client.  If food provided is insufficient for boarding period, food on hand will be provided at the rate of $4/day.  You may wish to bring your dog's bed or mat that smells familiar.  Stainless steel food & water bowls are provided, please do not bring bowls or more than one toy, and ensure that your dog's food is in a labeled resealable bag or container.  

No Loose Dogs Please! All dogs must be wearing a well-fitted collar and must be leashed on arrival - My chickens may be wandering on the front grass!

Please advise your Vet Clinic when you are going away and where you pet will be, and give consent for them discussing care. Otherwise they cannot discuss your pet's health with us if needed.  Your pet's health and well-being are important here. For example we had a dog with Epilepsy start Grande Mal Seizures shortly after arrival and owners forgot to supply Valium.  When their Vet Clinic was called, they had not been notified by owner, and were reluctant to discuss his care with me to adjust his meds.  Although it all ended well once medications were adjusted, this caused delays in urgent stabilization!  

Local Vet Clinics used by Roverdale are: East Gwillimbury Veterinary Hospital 
                                                                            ​Bayview Pet Services

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Pick up and Drop off hours, as well as visits, are by appointment only. 
Please call in advance to book.  905 473-6116

Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat  8-10am and 4-6pm
Sunday 4-6pm only
Wednesday 8-10am only